The Borgias

Since I’m without satellite TV I’ve been watching a lot of Hulu and Netflix. One of the best things I’ve found so far is the Showtime series about the Borgia family. It ends rather abruptly, though. They had counted on having four seasons to tell their story but it was cancelled after Season 3. I’m sure the real Borgias were not nearly this attractive  or charismatic but I do wonder if they were as bad as some of the History books make them out. I have read that Lucrezia had a child that might have been fathered by her brother Cesare or her father, Pope Alexander VI, and even she might not have known which. Of course, that could’ve propaganda spread by their enemies. They’re also known to have used arsenic to eliminate their opposition. Favorite line: crone to Lucrezia “I did not know he would lock up such a splendid Witch as you!” As she hands her a vial of something strong enough to knock the whole court out at a celebration of Bachus she hosts for her Neopolitan captors.


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