We need Basic Income Now Rather Than Later

American Capitalism is dying and the people at the top of the system know it. Watch the panic with which the upper classes are hoarding wealth and taking it out of America. There’s another big crash coming because most of the money Wall Street shuffles around so frantically only exists on paper. Every once in a while somebody tallies it all up and the system crashes because the money isn’t really there. This will continue to happen periodically if we don’t make changes.

If we’re going to continue to support having a handful of fabulously wealthy individuals #BasicIncome will be a necessity. The masses are not going to let this system continue to reward .1% while the rest of us can barely get by. If we are going to avoid the violent reaction this system is rushing toward, people are going to need a little ease. 

I’m not kidding about violence. I think we’re well on the way toward our own French Revolution if the people at the bottom of our system are not made comfortable. The people at the top, especially those in government, are too removed from the reality of life in 2017 to see it coming. 

They don’t understand technology at all. Most of our congress is functionally illiterate in cyber space but the voters are not. We know how to get information and how to use it. You’ve got several generations of lower classes who spend time watching the fabulously wealthy on TV knowing that those people usually do nothing and produce nothing of any great import. Our media is feeding a monstrous sense of entitlement that will ultimately create one logical reaction – “why not me?”

Our elections are being manipulated. So far, the majority has become apathetic and don’t bother to vote. That is going to change as we continue to see good people put out of their homes in a system where empty houses far outnumber the homeless. Automation is about to put all those people out of their minimum wage jobs. People that are scraping by with 40 to 60 hour work weeks are soon going to be idle and Washington is about to take a chain saw to the safety net which is already piss poor. 

Activism is becoming easier and more effective in the age of Facebook and Twitter. The people at the top of the system didn’t learn the lesson that was the Women’s March on January 21st, but they’ll have more chances like the upcoming March for Science. The people are awake and connected like never before. We’re all “woke AF.” If you don’t know what that means, you’d better find out. You’d better find out fast.

There is no longer any justification to force people to live in poverty. There’s wealth and abundance in this world as never before and we all know it. We ALL know it. 

#BasicIncome can lift everybody up above the poverty line right now. These things aren’t that hard. Congress is putting on great theatrics about how hard it is to give people health insurance while we all watch knowing they could take the age restriction out of the Medicare law and make everyone happy (except a few big pharma lobbyists.) It would take five minutes and one sheet of paper and we all know it. 

People don’t get lazy when they get Basic Income. They get relief, they get relaxed and then they get creative. We could be looking at a new renaissance once people know the rent and electric are paid. Half of us could be entrepreneurs finding better ways to do all the things we have to do or want to do. People will still invent, innovate, strive for something better. 

Artists will make art, business people will do business, robots will do all the grunt work and people will be free to enjoy their lives and their families as never before. Basic Income is a moral imperitive. Now that it’s possible, failure to do it is unconscionable. 


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